Purana Qila in Sunder Nagar, Nizamuddin and Lodi Colony

Shh, murmur it unobtrusively: this spot is superior to the Red Fort. Delhi’s ‘Old Fort’ isn’t as superb in size and greatness, yet it’s unmistakably progressively lovely to investigate, with tree-concealed finished nurseries to unwind in, disintegrating remains to move over (and even under, on account of the passages by the mosque) and no uneasy gatekeepers with whistles letting you know not to go to a great extent.

Ringed by a canal, some portion of which has been refilled with water, and got to through the gloriously forcing Bada Darwaza entryway, this sixteenth-century stronghold is the place Mughal Emperor Humayun met his end in 1556, tumbling down the means of the Sher Mandal, which he utilized as a library.

The stronghold had been worked by Afghan ruler Sher Shah (1538–45), during his short command over Humayun. It’s justified even despite a visit, with its tranquil plant enclosures studded with well-safeguarded old red-stone landmarks, including the unpredictably designed Qila-I-Kuhran (Mosque of Sher Shah), behind which are passages to investigate and parts of the external dividers that can be moved upon. There’s likewise a little gallery (shut on Fridays) set inside the dividers simply inside Bada Darwaza portal. The sound-and-light Show, which is performed at night close to the Humayun Darwaza passage, is additionally nonoperational on Fridays. Look amazing museum here.

An extended lake has been made from the fortification’s previous channel, and in the late evening is well worth meandering along as the sun lights up the transcending dividers above it, making for astonishing nightfall photographs. You’ll need to purchase an extra ₹20 ‘channel ticket’ alongside your fundamental ticket to investigate it.

Crosswise over occupied Mathura Rd are more relics from the city of Shergarh, including the wonderful Khairul Manazil mosque, still utilized by nearby Muslims and a favored frequent of groups of pigeons. More article about thailand here.